Romanian to English Translations for Academic Documents

Translation of school transcripts from Romanian to English
Some Romanians might decide to pursue higher education in the United States because they have never been to an English speaking country and would like to take the opportunity to immerse themselves in an English speaking community. They often seek certified translation services for their transcripts and degrees when they are preparing their school application. They commonly get such documents translated from Romanian into English in order to be considered for admissions to American schools. They gather their academic records from the schools they have attended in Romania and submit them to an official translator. You can rely on CACFTI for the translation of your Romanian documents. Our translators who specialize in academic document translations are ready to assist you.

Certified translations of Romanian degrees, certificates, and diplomas
If you have completed some schoolwork in Romania and are in the process of applying to an educational institution in the United States you are probably looking for Romanian to English translation services for the degrees you have earned in Romania. We can translate degrees, diplomas, certificates, and course descriptions from Romania to English for colleges and universities in the United States. Please email your documents to for a quote.

Romanian document translation for degree evaluation
We can translate documents for companies that evaluate degrees and credentials. We have translated many documents for World Education Services and other organizations that provide credential evaluation services. We can translate your Romanian transcripts, student ID cards, degrees, etc. into English.

ATA translation for Romanian documents
If you are applying to a school that requires an ATA certified translation, please get in touch with us. We can provide an ATA translation of your Romanian language documents for organizations that require foreign language documents to be translated by members of ATA.

Translation of Romanian documents for schools in Los Angeles
We have translated academic documents for many schools in Los Angeles as well as other cities throughout the country. We have translated documents for USC, UCLA, CSUN, SMC, and many other colleges, universities, and high schools in the United States. Our Romanian translators who specialize in academic document translation are ready to assist you with your translation needs. They are very detail-oriented and diligently translate your academic records from Romanian to English.

CACFTI for your Romanian translation and interpretation needs
Our translators who are highly experienced in the translation of academic documents are interested in executing the translation of your school transcripts and certificates. They have ample experience in the translation of various types of documents for international students. We have assisted many international applicants with the certified translation of their academic and personal documents. We are pleased to collaborate with some of the industry’s best translators. We produce high-quality translations with quick turnarounds. We would love to have the opportunity to translate your documents from Romanian to English for academic institutions in the United States. Please let us know if you are looking for a certified translation of a document from Romanian to English. One of the components of your application probably deals with the translation of foreign-language documents. We hope you give us the opportunity to help you with this part of your application.

Does CACFTI also translate financial documents for schools?
Some educational institutions also request to see a copy of the applicants’ bank statements. They want to make sure that the candidates they admit have the financial means to cover tuition and fees. International candidates can use a copy of their bank statements to satisfy this requirement. These statements indicate the amount of available funds in the account holder’s checking and saving account. We can help you with this part of the application too. We have indeed translated many bank statements from foreign languages to English. Since statements coming from Romanian banks are in the Romanian language, students who are applying to institutions in the United States often need to get the documents translated. California Center for Translation & Interpretation offers impressive translations for many European languages including Romanian. Our Romanian translators who specialize in finance can help you with the translation of your bank statements. We can send the translations directly to the college you are applying to or we can mail the documents to you to forward to the admissions office.

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