Romanian Translation for Academic Documents

International students from Romania who are ready to start their educational journey in the United States probably learn that they need to get their foreign-language documents translated into English. Getting a Romanian transcript or diploma translated from Romanian into English can be simple for applicants who come to California Center for Translation & Interpretation. We have vast experience in the translation of documents from foreign languages into English. We have translated academic records for many international students in California as well as many other states.

Anyone who has delivered Romanian translation services for school applications knows that a lot of hard work goes into getting everything right. Admissions offices at colleges and universities often pay close attention to all the translated documents that international applicants submit. Transcripts from foreign countries are typically different from the ones issued in the United States. As a result, they pose a challenge to the schools’ admissions officers. Translators who are competent in Romanian to English translations make sure that the translation is clear and easy to follow for the reader. They review the original document in the Romanian language and use their solid language skills to translate the text into English. They are familiar with content of academic documents and can exhibit excellent when it comes to translating text from Romanian to English. Their expertise is in Romanian translation for academic documents, and they can handle the translation of all the documents international applicants need to submit to American schools.

Examples of required documents include letters of recommendation, grade sheets, financial statements, diplomas, and ID cards. If you are in the process of applying to a school in Los Angeles or other parts of the country, we can help you with your translation needs. Please contact us about the translation of your academic documents. All you have to do is email your documents to If you attended an educational institution in Romania or another non-English speaking country, please ask us about our translation services.

Our professional translators are ready to take care of the translation of your academic records. We always proofread translated files to make sure that everyone has been typed in properly. We understand that you have worked hard to earn those grades and would like the translation to accurately reflect the marks you obtained. Consequently, we assign your school related documents to academic translators with excellent attention to detail. We are excited to translate your documents from foreign languages such as Romanian to English. Please scan and email us the soft copy for a quote. You can learn more about our Romanian translation services and our areas of specialty on our website.

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