UAE Considers Cooperation with Norway

Many countries that wish to experience rapid growth in the fields of trade and technology often consider bilateral relationships with other nations. Linguists who carry out technical translation services for documents related to technological developments enable countries to explore possibilities that cooperating with foreigners might present. Partnerships that can be beneficial for all the parties involved can be formed with the assistance of technical translators who translate technology transfer agreements. They can also translate emails that the two parties need to exchange in order to finalize the terms of the agreement. As a part of its initiatives to shift towards a knowledge-based economy, the UAE wants to cooperate with Norway in energy and technology sectors. UAE’s Minister of Economy met with the Norwegian Minister of Trade in order to discuss bilateral ties.

With the assistance of technical translators the two parties could communicate their future plans regarding technological developments. They can go beyond what they can accomplish locally and with those who speak their language. For example, the UAE intends to increase the number of direct flights between Stockholm and Dubai. Furthermore, the UAE wants to encourage investors and businessmen from the North European country to conduct business in the region by providing the assistance they need. Language barriers are not a concern because translators who specialize in technical terminology can translate agreements that are necessary in the formation of such relationships. The Norwegian minister believes that by establishing a close relationship with the UAE they can create promising opportunities for businesses. UAE’s strategic vision is supposed to result in an unprecedented leap in the development of the country in the area of technology.

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