Translating for County Recorder’s Office in California

Translation of foreign language death certificates Escrow officers who assist buyers and sellers from foreign countries often need to have certain documents such as death certificates translated into English. They need to record the death of the property owner before transferring the title. The county recorder’s office records deaths, births, and marriages. It has specific[…]

Training Manual & Employee Handbook Translation | Los Angeles

Professional translation for training manuals Professionals who write training manuals often go into great detail and depth, describing the process of showing employees how to complete a task. They sometimes insert images to demonstrate the steps. Human resources and other divisions that are involved in the training of employees in an organization typically use manuals[…]

Legal Translation Services Farsi <> English

How do professional translators at CACFTI handle the translation of legal documents? California Center for Translation & Interpretation focuses on delivering flawless translations that are suitable for use in legal contexts. When we translate a legal document from a foreign language such as Farsi into English, we do our best to make sure the correct[…]

Employee Handbooks Translation Los Angeles

Employee handbook translation overview In the United States human resources managers and directors who are in charge of hiring or training new employees often have to rely on translators and interpreters for effective communication with non-English speakers. Due to globalization, companies in Los Angeles and other parts of the country have to manage a diverse[…]

Certified Translations in the Legal Industry

Lawyers and litigation support firms usually handle cases that involve non-English language documents. Such documents are often important to the position that the legal professionals will be supporting. As a result, they rely on legal translation services to get those documents translated into English. In some law firms the lawyers themselves will find a translation[…]