Translating Patents for Lawsuits in Germany

Companies in the United States that develop a technology that is easy to replicate usually do their best to discourage copycats. They often protect their intellectual property rights by getting a patent. Foreign competitors sometimes make use of their patented technology without licensing because they are under the impression that the US-based firm has no way of seeking damages abroad. However, many American companies have successfully taken legal action against competitors and won in courts outside of the United States. They try to sue for violation of intellectual property rights by translating their legal documents to demonstrate in court that they hold a patent in the United States. In such cases, professional legal translation services are helpful in the communication of the details to the jury.

US-based companies that have brought legal action against German companies, for instance, for using their technology without authorization might need German translation services if they are planning to present the case to a court in Germany. Since the lawsuit will be heard in a German court both sides should prepare their documentations in the German language. The plaintiff might allege that the European companies violated its patents when they designed their product. In such cases, the plaintiff would need to prove that the defendants have integrated the patented technology into their product. They can work with translators who have translated many patents and are fluent in both the source and target languages. Translators who offer legal translation services and have extensive experience in intellectual property law can typically translate documents for such complex cases.

The translation of such important documents cannot sound ordinary or ambiguous. The success of any lawsuit highly depends on the quality of the translation because it shows the jury exactly which parts have been used without proper compensation or licensing. If the translation is incomplete or inaccurate the jury may decide that no infringement occurred. Law offices that intend to use legal documents in a foreign jurisdiction should assign the task to a reliable translation company.

Has a company based outside of the United States violated your intellectual property rights? Just because a foreign competitor copied your technology it does not mean you are powerless to take legal action. By rendering legal translation services you can translate your patents and submit them to a foreign court. If you hold an impressive portfolio of patents that help you maintain your status as leaders in your industry, then you should do your best to protect that position.

California Center for Translation & Interpretation relies on very well qualified translators to deliver the translation of the document you are planning to take to courts in foreign countries. The best translations come from the best translators. Our translators are experienced in legal translations and also possess a strong technical background. Companies that make great investments to protect their intellectual property domestically and abroad should also translate their documents impeccably to support their position in a patent infringement case. We are here to help you with your legal translation needs. We are confident that you will be impressed by our legal translation expertise as you prepare to go to trial.

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