Translation of Documents for Courts of Japan

Parties that enter into an agreement in the United States regarding a matter in Japan and agree that laws of Japan will be used to settle any disputes arising from the terms of the contract often have to translate the document into Japanese. They render professional translation for Japanese when they need to present the[…]

Translating Websites and Documents into Japanese Professionally

Translating a document or website for a Japanese-speaking audience is not something any translator can effectively complete. The translation of text from English into Japanese requires more than the knowledge of the source and target languages. It requires special skill and ability to deliver the message of the original text to the Japanese speakers. Those[…]

3 Things Translators Already Know about Your Document

Trial consulting firms that receive a Japanese-language patent will need to have it translated into English before they start preparing for the case. They might not know what the document is exactly about so they just send it over to a translator. Experienced translators whose area of expertise is professional translation for Japanese know right[…]

Teachers and Education Specialists Teach English in Japan

Organizations such as AEON recruit instructors from the United States for private schools in Japan. They take applications year-round. American teachers who are interested in teaching in Japan and think they can make English learning fun for Japanese students are encouraged to apply. Teachers can download the application online, fill it out, and attach the[…]