Certified Translation of Iranian Marriage Certificate ازدواج سند

Certified Farsi Translations

California Center for Translation & Interpretation provides certified translation services for many languages including Farsi (official language of Iran). We have extensive experience in translating various types of documents from Farsi to English for USCIS, courts, universities, etc. Many people contact us regarding the translation of their Iranian marriage certificates. We translated and certify marriage licenses issued before the Islamic Revolution of 1979 by the Imperial State of Iran as well as certificates prepared after the revolution by the Islamic Republic of Iran. While the two versions are similar, the cover of the marriage licenses issued before 1979 is blue and the cover of marriage licenses issued after 1979 is red (please see samples below). Both versions of the Iranian marriage certificates generally come in the form of a small booklet with several pages pertaining to the personal information of the couple, conditions, witnesses, and the place of marriage registration.

Iranian Marriage Certificat

Iranian Marriage Certificat

The best way to get a marriage license translated from Farsi to English

The best way to receive a quote and place an order for translation services is by email. We highly recommend that you scan all the required pages of your marriage certificate and email to info@cacfti.com. If you have a specific deadline in mind, please mention it too. If you have obtained a marriage license from Iran and need to translate it into English for US immigration or any other purpose, please get in touch with us. Once we have received your files, we will email you a quote and further instructions. If USCIS has requested multiple documents, you are welcome to email us everything all at once.

The process of translating an Iranian marriage license

We start the translation process by reviewing the document to determine which translator is the best candidate for the task. We would assign your marriage certificate to a translator who possesses rich experience in the translation of similar documents and has advanced knowledge of legal language. Once the translation is ready, we will email it back to you so you can check all the information and make sure the spellings of all names match your other legal documents. Once you have approved the Word file we will prepare the official copy.

Certified vs non-certified translation of Farsi documents

We can provide both certified and non-certified translations for Persian language documents. A certified translation is a stamped copy that you can use for official purposes. If you intend to submit a translation to USCIS, for instance, you will need a certified translation. If you just need a translation for your personal use, then you can get a non-certified translation. A non-certified translation does not bear any stamp or seal. Therefore, it cannot be used for official purposes.

Best translators for Farsi to English translations

We collaborate with some of the industry’s best Farsi to English translators to prepare the translations of your Farsi language marriage licenses and other documents. The translation of a marriage license from Iran requires the skill and expertise of a professional translator. Top translators are fluent in both Farsi and English and can clearly express the meaning of the Farsi text in English. They have translated many legal documents and are aware of the differences in cultures and legal systems. They are experienced and dedicated.  They put their best effort into their work and provide translations that are presentable and accurate.

Why CACFTI for the translation of your Farsi marriage licenses?

California Center for Translation & Interpretation has translated many documents from Farsi to English and vice versa. We can translate contracts, bylaws, licenses, and many other types of documents. Our Farsi translators are fully equipped with the knowledge and skill required to carry out high-quality translations for legal documents including marriage and divorce certificates. We focus on translating documents without losing the meaning and style of the original text. We work tirelessly to produce the best translations for our clients. We put your needs first. This means that we try to provide the information and assistance you need. We aim to deliver nothing but excellent translations regardless of the level of complexity or language pairs. We aim to provide high-quality and culturally appropriate translations while minimizing your stress. We invite you to visit our website to learn more about our Persian document translation services. Please email your documents and questions to info@cacfti.com.

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